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Nundle Swimming Pool Murals; Catriona Adams; 2012
Ray, Maguires; Judith Ahern; 1985
Rock Along with Country Show; Judith Ahern; 1984
Guitar, Enrik Studios; Judith Ahern; Unknown
Natalie Woods, Country Music Awards; Judith Ahern; Unknown
Christine Little; Judith Ahern; Unknown
Couple, Workers' Club; Judith Ahern; 1987
Store Window Display, Peel Street; Judith Ahern; 1985
Buddy Williams, Country Music Awards; Judith Ahern; 1986
The Mckean Sisters, Roll of Renown; Judith Ahern; 1984
Pro Rodeo; Judith Ahern; 1984
Sonata; Margaret Ainscow
England Fan V and Fan VI; Margaret Ainscow
On the Abur; F.J. Aldridge
Doges Palace; C Alfieri
Canal In Venice; C Alfieri
Olio Canal Venice; C Alfieri
Fish Net Fence; Wayidjba Ali; 1999
Armistice; Fernand Allard-L'Olivier; 1913
12 Jul 1883
09 Jun 1933
Paths of the Past; Terrence Allen; 2005
Mooki Dreaming; Georgina Altona; 2007
After the Storm; Ernest-Gaston Amas
Toilet of Diana; Anon
Fishing Boat Beached Before Castle; Anon
Sculpture - Child Reading Book; Anon
Landscape and Watermill; Anon; John Constable
Chinese Cake Sign; Anon
Landscape with River; Anon
Ceramic form; Anon; 1968
Woman, Life, Freedom Mural; Asiyeh Ansari; 2023
Jilmara (Body Painting Design); Jeannie Apuatimi; 1999
Pegasus; David Archer; 2012
Tomatoes and Onions; Heather Archer
Yellow Roses; Heather Archer
Vase of Flowers; Heather Archer
Pont Louis Phillipe, Paris; Will Ashton; 1938
Waterhole Plumthorpe; Will Ashton; 1938
Verona; Will Ashton
Plumthorpe Bush; Will Ashton
Horton Valley; Will Ashton
Quayside, Concarneau; Will Ashton
Foreign Traders - Marseilles; Will Ashton
Paris Canals and Barges; Will Ashton
Concarneau; Will Ashton; 1932
Seine At the Louvre; Will Ashton
Ceramic Bottle; Keith Aubrey
Hyde Park, Sydney; J. Muir Auld; 1914
The Model; J. Muir Auld; 1903
Nepean; J. Muir Auld; 1903
Strolling Players; Guiseppe Aureli
05 Dec 1858
09 Aug 1929
Birdsville Races 1; Narelle Autio; Trent Parke; 2002